FONTANA TEAM - Company Message
We can Help!!
Our agents are trained specially with the Home Ownwers needs in mind.
We know that these times are not easy for every body. We know that a lot of home owners in our community don't know what to do when they are going through very dificult situation.
Here at Bona Real Estate FontanaTeam, want you to know that there are many options that will help you to keep the most valuable asset of your family: 
Government has developed many programs focused on helping people to keep their home, and the most important is that they are working for most of us!! and they are FREE.
All you have to do is get in contact a company that really can help you.
Here we want to share some of them with you:
This document explains that when you start a modification or short sale process your lender has to stop the foreclosure that they may initiated agains you.  
The Mortgage Debt Relief Act allows forgiven debt through a short sale, loan modification, or foreclosure to be excluded as taxable income
Also explains that many people just walk away from their home when they could qualify for this option, the problem is because people don't know what's best for them.  Contact us and we can discuss with you   your options.
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